RE derives its name from the desire to create spaces that REspect humans.

Respect and attention form the basis of the architectural Studio’s activities: respect for the environment, architectural canons, culture, history, nature, space, and personality. Attention to detail, textures, and natural materials are the Foundation of RE projects.

The main design criteria are natural solutions to the ergonomics of external and internal spaces: a minimum of decorative additives, a maximum of air, light, and space, and atmosphere. Having reworked the aesthetics of historicisms, we adapt them to modern technologies and materials, which gives an interesting mix based on the historical base, but readable as a modern one.

Architectural Studio RE is engaged in designing private and public interiors, private residential properties, and exhibition design. RE architects develop both concepts and working documentation. Project concepts are often inspired by modernist heritage, as well as classical canons that are translated into modern language, thus preserving cultural continuity.

Katerina Vinogradova


  • Architectural design and interior design

    We start any design with an analysis of the environment, in which we start from the existing geographical, historical and architectural context, goals and objectives, and draw up a detailed technical task together with the client. On the basis of what we create an image, space and planning solutions, presenting it in a Sketch project. The second stage is the materialization. We turn your project into materials and money, that is, we bring real samples of materials and make a detailed estimate. After agreeing on the materials and their cost, if everyone is satisfied with everything, we proceed to the third stage – detailed design. After the completion of the working project, we begin author supervision.

  • Decoration

    Here the work is carried out in one stage – we select furniture and accessories, decorative light, art objects from the already designed space.

  • Consulting

    We will help you make the right choice at the stage of acquiring real estate so that your wishes can be realized in an acquisition that will be liquid in the future.

  • Furniture design

    We develop furniture exclusively for our projects, making the space unique and exclusive.

  • Design of exhibition spaces

    We work both with private galleries, museums, and commercial exhibition spaces.

  • Project management

    Market research and the selection of cost-effective suppliers, ensuring timely delivery of materials, coordination of work with subcontracting organizations.

  • Author supervision

    For us, the author’s supervision is a mandatory stage. It is necessary for compliance with the construction process with the developed project.

  • Katerina Vinogradova
    Architect, fashion designer, founder of architectural studio RE

    Born in 1982 in Moscow in a family of hereditary architects. In 2005, she graduated from the architectural department of MArchI, after which she worked in the Object bureau as a leading architect (designing private residential buildings). In 2009, Katerina got the second higher education at the “British Higher School of Art and Design” in the direction of Fashion Design. From 2011 to 2017, she works as a partner and leading architect at the architectural studio “Masterskaya 17”. In 2017, Katerina opens her own architectural studio RE.

  • Andrei Abdutalipov
    Project Manager

    Born in Moscow in 1971. In 1993, he graduated from the RSU named after Kosygin. Since 1993, he has been working in an interior design studio. Since 1997 – in the furniture salon “TORCHETTI”. Since 2000, the manager in the furniture salon “FLAT”. In 2001, he completed the course “Male Design by Architectural Designers V. Savinkin and V. Kuzmin. Since 2002, together with Natalia Kuznetsova, he has been designing private and public interiors. In 2005, laureate of the Arkhip architectural award in the nomination “The best apartment interior”. Since 2006 works as a private designer. Since 2015, he has been engaged in furnishing interiors with furniture, lighting, plumbing and tiles in collaboration with architectural and design studios. Andrey has been working with the Architectural Studio RE since its foundation.